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97' Dutch Barge. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY FOR FLOATING B& B – COULD BE A “CHARTER / BUY ARRANGEMENT This Beautiful Refurbished 97’ (very large) Dutch Barge is for sale or for Rent/Purchase . Berth available at Bembridge Dock In lovely Interior condition and with ample areas for increasing income – eg Bar/restaurant area on deck for Café/bar tables . Often these areas area covered in if Vessel static. eg: There is room for couple with entrepreneurial spirit to make a very good living. Original Dutch Barge LOA 30m x 4.7m, built with an iro... read more

Length: 30m
Location: UK
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ID: 566019  (Trade)
Posted: 5 days ago

LOA 154,93 m Beam 32,2 m Draft 8 m ... read more

Length: 154.93m
Location:Hamburg Hamburg Germany
Price: $180,000,000
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ID: 599123  (Trade)
Posted: 7 days ago

LOA 51,1 m Beam 15 m Draft 1,03 m Total 69 berths Built in year 1989... read more

Length: 51.1m
Location:Hamburg Hamburg Germany
Price: $1,850,000
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ID: 590538  (Trade)
Posted: 11 days ago

Built/Completed 2012 "As New" unused to date.  Comprising 5.5 Deck levels H60/A60 blast rated, temporary refuge, 60 x 2 person cabins in single bunks, Galley, Mess, Laundry, Recreation areas throughout. Available for immediate inspection/Deli... read more

Length: 41.38m
Location:Hamburg Hamburg Germany
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ID: 598896  (Trade)
Posted: 14 days ago

This barge is available for prompt delivery, sale only. Located currently in African region. Launched in 2009 in current ABS+A1+Barge. Built by Oriental Precision Engineering, Korea. LOA 100m x 30.5m. 5 x 590kW generators with 8 point mooring system. Main crane is 68t@6.8radius. Free deck area 1338m3with 15tm load. Accommodation is via 4 x 1 man suite, 6 x 1man, 80 x 4 man totaling 330 pax. Helideck suited Sikorsky S-92A helicopter. No charter option, sale only. For a more detailed specification, please feel free to contact us.... read more

Length: 100m
Location: Congo
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ID: 620459  (Trade)
Posted: 16 days ago

This vessel is due for completion within 3-4 months signing at very realistic New Build price. For a more detailed specification, please feel free to contact us.​ The barges measures 85.1m x 40mtrs. Max water operating depth 60mtrs. The accommodation module compliments 300 persons. main engines are 2 x CW16V200ZC, 1760kw@1000rpm. 600kw Bow Thruster. Cruise speed 4.2 knots. Aux engines are 5 x 450kw. main crane 190t@9.5m, 38t@40m. Aux crane 20t@20m, 10t@30m. Deck area 1200m2. A detailed machinery list is available upon request. Inspection at shipyard by appointment.... read more

Length: 85m
Location: China
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ID: 609186  (Trade)
Posted: 23 days ago

This vessel is due for completion December 2019. It is a three-legged GM-J180A accommodation jack-up. The vessel is intended for accommodation service for wind farm maintenance in water depth up to 45m in Southern North Sea (including Southern UK water and Denmark water). The deck area of the unit shall to be about 500m2, with 2300 ton vessel’s variable load. The vessel basically consists of an almost triangular pontoon shaped hull, three open truss legs and pin in hole type hydraulic elevating systems. It is equipped with permanent accommodation for 180 persons single room living c... read more

Length: 68m
Location: China
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ID: 598066  (Trade)
Posted: 24 days ago

This vessel is under construction and due for completion in May 2019. Designed for offshore oil and gas service with max operating depth 85mtrs.The pontoon has 4 legs each fitted with spud cans at lower ends. LOA 84.5m x 43.89m Class ABS Maltese Cross +A1A1 Self-Elevating Unit, AMS, DPS-2 Power is via 4 sets Cat 3512 CHD, 1550kw, 1800rpm with 4 x 1000hp Azimuth Thrusters. Helideck S-92 / S-61N / E225 Main Crane 22t @10m, Aux Cranes, 1 x 50t and 1 x 30t. Electric Rack and Pinion type Jacking System. Accommodation for 15 personnel. For further details or arrange inspection, please feel... read more

Length: 84.5m
Location: China
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ID: 597795  (Trade)
Posted: 26 days ago

The accommodation barge is an in shore accommodation barge suited for berthing in all climates in the most remote areas. Weather criteria -36 to + 40 degrees. The vessel is equipped with sewage treatment, water makers, own generators and incinerator. The barge has 110 cabins with private bathrooms. The cabins can be used for 1, 2 3, or 4 persons. All cabins with TV’s. The entire barge is outfitted with wifi. The barge has a large galley, large restaurant, 2 large recreation rooms, a gym, a hospital, laundry, many cold and dry stores, meeting room and offices. For easy storing the barge i... read more

Length: 135m
Location:Noord-Holland Netherlands
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ID: 471647  (Trade)
Posted: 28 days ago

00 man Accommodation Barge For Sale This vessel is due for completion August 2019. The sale price represents excellent value, best on marketplace for 2019 build. LOA 123mtrs x 37.8mtrs. 8 point mooring system. Class ABS +A1 Accommodation Barge, MLC-CRC, GP,MLC-ACCOM, UWILD Deck cargo area 2200m². Deck cargo Load 15tm². Accommodation for 500, 26 1 berth, 69 twin, 84 4berth. 3 hospital rooms, 2 rec rooms, 18 offices, 4 conference rooms, gym. Powered by 4 x 1020kw engines. Main Crane is Huisman PMC 6200-300t. Aux crane 25t. The vessel is due for completion approx. August 2019. T... read more

Length: 123m
Location: China
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ID: 597173  (Trade)
Posted: 1 month ago

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