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Our Company was founded in Galicia, Spain, in 2009. We come from a Ship Brokers background since 2002.

We have closed an important number of deals since our establishment in 2009.
More info on these deals can be found under section LATEST DEALS - DEALS DONE.

Our aim is to provide best possible services to clients.

Our business activities are:


Mainly focused on the following types of Vessels:

. AHTS - PSV – Offshore
. Barges - Pontoons – Cranes
. Crew Boats
. Dredgers
. Multipurpose - Research – Support Vessels
. Patrol - Pilot Boats
. Tugboats – Pushboats
. Workboats

- CHARTERING (Time and Bare Boat Charter).

- TRANSPORT & DELIVERY of Vessels Worldwide.



. Pre-purchase Inspections - Technical Surveys,
. Marine Insurance,
. Bunkering and Port Calls,
. Shipping Agency,

Please, feel free to contact us at any time.

We remain at your entire disposal.

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2014 Crew Boat - Wind Farm Vessel For Sale & Charter
1190BSB Crew Boat - Wind Farm Vessel For Sale & Charter - FROM DIRECT OWNERS - Range Technicians only without reserve tank3s95 nm Fully loaded without reserve tanks 335 nm Technicians only with reserve tanks 790 nm Fully loaded with reserve tanks 675 nm Capacity Fuel (main tank s ) 2 x 3,000 litres Fuel (reserve tank s ) 2 x 3,000 litres Fresh wate r 1 x 520 litres Sullage 1 x 520 litres Cargo 30T ISO 20ft containers 3 Max dead weight Technicians 12 @ 100kg = 1,200kg Crew 4 @ 100kg = 400kg Main tanks (100% ) 6,000 litres = 5,040kg Fresh ... read more

Length: 25.70m
Location: UK
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ID: 739144  (Trade)
Posted: 7 days ago

2021 Workboat For Sale & Charter
DO0291 Workboat For Sale & Charter - FROM DIRECT OWNERS - Latest refits: cooling system from "polar" to "tropical" system, Average consumption at 1400 rpm less than 60l/h (2 main engines and 1 generator). Under charter until Dec 2023. OPTIONAL DCU (Dive Control Unit) 3 & IMCA compliant Decompression Chamber Underwater weld & cutting gear Hydraulic & Pneumatic construction /demolition tools CCTV Very low fuel consumpt... read more

Length: 17.50m
Location: Guinea
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ID: 739131  (Trade)
Posted: 7 days ago

1977 Workboat For Sale
DO0290 Workboat For Sale - FROM DIRECT OWNERS - The vessel arrived in Shetland in 1999, and was almost immediately laid up, for over-capacity in the operator's fleet. There are no notes on the history of the vessel whilst in Faroese ownership. It is purchased by current Owners in 2006, and immediately refurbished to vessel up to certification standard. It was in continuous use until early 2009, when the decision was taken to the vessel, and carry out a further refurbishment and wheelhouse renewal. It is flush decked, with a slight sheer, raised bulwarks forward and heavy bulwarks ... read more

Length: 13.1m
Location: UK
Price: £55,000
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ID: 739130  (Trade)
Posted: 7 days ago

MCA Multicat For Charter
1198BSB Multicat For Charter - FROM DIRECT OWNERS - pcX-Pro is an outstanding product for construction equipment guidance offering unsurpassed flexibility and performance. pcX-Pro is exclusively a 3D positioning product with capability to include multiple machine and tool types according to need. The system shares an operating system and functionality with its counterpart, Digmaster Pro, so will be familiar to anyone used to using James Fisher Prolec’s product but benefits from unique features which boost productivity and applicability more widely. There is virtually no limit to the ... read more

Length: 30.48m
Location: UK
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ID: 755214  (Trade)
Posted: 8 days ago

2014 PLATFORM/Jack Up Self Elevating General
971BSB 2014 PLATFORM/Jack Up Self Elevating General Jack Up For Sale and Charter FROM DIRECT OWNERS CARGO AND TANKS CAPACITIES Deck Area (m2) 216 m2 Deck Load (tons/m2) 15 tons/m2 OTHER DETAILS Road transportable modular Jackup barge comprising of eight Duo pontoons and two Quadra pontoons. In her current configuration two blocks of four barges are joined together along their longest axis. The two Quadra barges are joined to the short ends to form a single barge of 12m x 18m excluding the spud leg arrangements. Can be assembled by three crew and a mobile 80 ton crane over a typi... read more

Length: 18m
Location: UK
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ID: 461608  (Trade)
Posted: 9 days ago

2017 Multicat For Charter
DO0209 Multicat For Charter - FROM DIRECT OWNERS - ADDITIONAL INFORMATION TANK CAPACITIES Fuel oil : 110.00 m3 Fresh water : 31.30 m3 Sewage : 10.50 m2 Dirty oil : 1.70 m2 Lub. oil : 1.50 m3 Hydraulic oil : 2.30 m3 Bilge water : 4.10 m3 Bollard pull : 33.0 ton (m)... read more

Length: 27.70m
Location: Germany
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ID: 641400  (Trade)
Posted: 9 days ago

2017 Passengers Vessel For Sale & Charter
DO0210 Passengers Vessel For Sale & Charter - FROM DIRECT OWNERS - Vessel is undergoing a refit in its stern to improve speed. Ratio ~ 1:3. Class C Ro/Pax Eurosolas Consumption 150liters/hour Full Displacement ~ 450 Tons 360 summer / 150 winter pax... read more

Length: 39m
Location: Greece
Price: €3,200,000
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ID: 641388  (Trade)
Posted: 9 days ago

1970 DREDGER Bucket
1005BSB 1970 DREDGER Bucket Dredger For Sale & Charter FROM DIRECT OWNERS OTHER DETAILS Dredger suitable for dredging cohesive silt, sand, soft to stiff clay and acceptable for dredging loose silt, loose rocks, pre-treated rocks and very weak rocks. Its actual producti... read more

Length: 46.50m
Location: Israel
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ID: 476048  (Trade)
Posted: 10 days ago

1984 Offshore - Supply Support Vessel For Charter
1192BSB Offshore - Supply Support Vessel For Charter - FROM DIRECT OWNERS - The Vessel is certified as RECOVERY OIL / MARPOL VESSEL. Oif/Marpol recovery tank capacity 230m3 Last dry dock January 2022 Speed & Consumption Full operation 11 knots @ 3500 litres/24 hrs Eco cruising 915 knots @ 3000 litres/24 hrs Ballast tanks capacity (m3) nill Tanks certified for collection dangerous cargo and MARPOL collection 230... read more

Length: 38.50m
Location: Greece
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ID: 748754  (Trade)
Posted: 11 days ago

1981 Offshore - Supply Support Vessel For Charter
1193BSB Offshore - Supply Support Vessel For Charter - FROM DIRECT OWNERS - Fuel Oil (MGO) / Connection 123 m³ Fresh Water / Connection 42 m³ Ballast Water 250 m²... read more

Length: 42m
Location: Greece
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ID: 748747  (Trade)
Posted: 11 days ago

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