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Shipco 360 Limited T/A Shipco Shipbuilders and Marine Brokers: Launched to offer the very best in modern shipbuilding.

New Zealand akin to Australia has witnessed the rapid decline in the number of local shipyards, it can be considered fair and reasonable, to attribute this decline to the cost of local construction and the competitiveness of international shipyards who specialise in particular market sectors, for example tugboat building - The gargantuan amount of technology utilised by modern tugboat construction, backed by large teams of highly skilled and proficient in-house mechanical and electrical engineers make, smaller shipyards outdated and non-competitive.

Our company Shipco 360 Limited T/A Shipco Shipbuilders and Marine Brokers, recognised that is was impossible to compete against the likes of companies who can deliver several state of the art harbour tugboats per month, as such Shipco 360 Limited pronounced it was an unequivocal decision to team with leading parent shipbuilding companies, who offer the very latest designs with construction in world class shipyards.

Utilising excellence in Naval Architecture, with the likes of Robert Allan Limited and Southerly Design, Shipco 360 Limited can now offer the highest development in vessels that range from aluminium workboats, fishing boats and pilot launches through to steel harbour tugboats, workboats and landing craft.

Our operational yards of choice are located in Europe, Australia and Asia, Shipco 360 Limited’s overture is to be the very best when it comes to technology, build quality and investment value.

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16.90 m Pilot Launch 1989 16.90m $110,000New Zealand
**Double Bottom ** 47.5 m Self Propelled Oil Barge 2018 47.50m $1,300,000Indonesia
45.0 m Landing Craft 3 months to Finish 2018 45.00m $995,000Indonesia
45.0 m Landing Craft Passenger Ferry 2018 45m $1,400,000Indonesia
31.5 m Landing Craft New 2016 31.50m $299,000Indonesia
31.0 m Self Propelled Oil Barge (Bunker Barge) 2016 31m $580,000Indonesia
37.5 m Landing Craft New Build 2018 37.50m $710,000Indonesia
38 m x 12 m Mining Barge. 2019 38m Malaysia
36 m x 12 m Mining Barge - New Build 2019 36.20m New Zealand
16.5 m New Caledonia Type Nickle Barge Push Tug 2019 16.50m Malaysia
39m Newbuild Cargo Vessel 2019 39.25m $2,550,000India
35m Newbuild Landing Craft 2019 35.78m $650,000China
30m Cargo / Bulk Carrier 2019 30.00m $1,175,000India
50m Landing Craft 2008 50.70m $550,000Indonesia
45m Landing Craft 2012 45.50m $550,000Indonesia
24 m Custom Charter Ship 2012 24.30m $1,800,000Australia
Utility 2400BHP Crew Boat (50 pax) 1988 24.50m $490,000Indonesia
Utility 3000 BHP Crew Boat (45 pax) 1990 35.00m $1,050,000Indonesia
65 m Fuel Carrier Landing Craft 2016 65.00m $3,500,000China
37.5 m Landing Craft 2017 Build 2017 37.50m $380,000Indonesia
64 m Landing Craft (fuel carrier) 2009 64.00m $1,350,000Indonesia
Hopper (Bottom Dumper) Barge(s) x6 2010 36.00m $455,000Indonesia
2 sisters New Build 43.5 m Landing Craft - Available now 2018 43.50m $560,000Indonesia
34 tbp Twin Screw Tug 1976 25.54m $265,000Australia
14.9m Crew Boat / Ferry Imaculate Condition 2014 14.90m $995,000Australia
16 m 1200 bhp Workboat / Tug 2010 16.56m $1,050,000Australia
2 Sisters 16 m 1200 bhp Work Boats 2011 16.56m $900,000New Zealand
34 m 3200 bhp Offshore Tug 2018 34.00m $4,500,000China
28 m 1440 Bhp shallow draft multicat 2012 28.00m $2,000,000New Zealand
CMB Australasian Agents 39 m LCT 90 days to complete. 2018 38.22m $750,000Malaysia
180ft x 70ft x 14ft DECK Cargo Ballast Tank Barge 2012 180' $1,250,000Australia
19.60 m Charter / Workboat / Crew Transfer 2002 19.60m $360,000Australia
250ft x 80ft x 14ft DECK Cargo Ballast Tank Barge 2012 250' $850,000Australia
Bunker barge 2012 65m Australia
12m 22 PAX Water Taxi 2018 12m $345,000New Zealand
36.0 m Utility / Security Vessel 2019 36m $4,150,000New Zealand
Harbour Work/Lines Boat 2019 9m $235,000Australia
7.0 RIB 2018 7.40m $135,000Australia
Modular Floating Helideck Pontoon 2019 24m $400,000New Zealand
New build 68m Landing Craft 2019 68.00m $5,200,000New Zealand
Western Australian style prawn trawler 1980 22.60m $380,000Australia
1500 m3 Steel Hopper Barge 2014 56.64m Singapore
New build 31m Crew Security Boat 2019 31.30m New Zealand
23.8m Crew Cargo Support Boat 2019 23.80m New Zealand
New build 38m Crew Security vessel 2019 38.00m New Zealand
New build 39 m 52 PAX Landing Craft 2019 39.25m $1,433,000New Zealand
Multi-Tool Amphibious Dredger 2019 15m $470,000New Zealand
39.0 Meter Landing Craft 2019 39.25m $1,280,000New Zealand
Aluminium Catermaran Passenger Ferry 2019 30m $2,600,000New Zealand
17.0 Multi Tug 2019 17m $980,000New Zealand
25M Shallow Draft Multipurpose Landing Craft 2019 25m $650,000New Zealand
24m New build Crew / Utility Boat FOR SALE OR CHARTER 2019 23.80m India
47.5m Landing Craft 2014 47.50m Malaysia
46.5m Steel Landing Craft 2014 46.50m Malaysia
46m Steel Landing Craft 2014 46m Malaysia
65.6 m Landing Craft 1993 65.60m $950,000Indonesia
Sistership Harbour Tug ASD 70TBP fifi 1/2 2019 24.40m Turkey
Shipco Shipbuilders 18.75m Multipurpose Workboat 2019 18.75m $930,000New Zealand
25.78 m harbour tug 40 TBP 2010 25.78m Singapore
29.36 m harbour tug 45 TBP 2010 29.36m Singapore
30.50 m harbour tug 51 TBP 2010 30.50m Singapore
4 x sistership 28.90 m harbour tug 45 TBP 2004 28.90m Singapore
9m Harbour Lines Boat 2019 9.00m $330,000New Zealand
36 m 47 TBP ocean tug 2014 36.10m $1,950,000New Zealand
New build 31m Landing Craft 2019 31.50m $320,000Indonesia
8.5m Line Handling Boat 2019 9.80m $520,000Australia
11m Commercial Water Taxi / Ferry 2004 11.25m $280,000New Zealand
45m Aluminium Passenger Ferry 2018 45.00m $2,300,000Malaysia
29 m Longline fishing vessel 1998 29m $700,000Tonga
22 m 177 PAX Aluminium Catamaran Ferry 2019 22.05m $2,200,000Thailand
ANZAC 42 m x 304 PAX LCT 2019 42m $3,500,000New Zealand
Aluminium 28 TBP Harbour towing tug CHEAP 1995 23.88m $525,000Australia
Aluminium 28 TBP harbour towing tug 1995 23.20m $1,050,000Australia
48.77 m Landing Craft IACS Class 1997 48.77m $700,000Indonesia
23.90 m Crewboat HDPE construction HDPE – High Density Poly Ethaline 2017 23.90m $2,200,000India
53 m Landing Craft IACS Class 2008 53.00m $1,500,000Indonesia
23.5 m Utility Tug 1999 23.50m $695,000New Zealand
67 m CMB 060918A 2014 67.20m India
2 x Sistership harbour Tugs 60 TBP 2007 27.40m Singapore

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