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60m Self-Elevating Drilling Unit
Gulf Driller V, the Super M2 Self-Elevating Drilling Vessel consists of a modified triangular hull with three (3) triangular truss work legs each fitted with spud cans at their lower ends. The modified triangular hull is 59.745m long, 55.78m wide, and 7.62m deep at the side. The three (3) legs are spaced with the forward leg on the centerline of the vessel and the two after legs 35.055m aft and 18.3m outboard of the centerline of the forward leg. The spud cans which form the lower segments of each leg are 12.09m in diameter and 4.57m high. The drilling depth is 30,000ft. The quarters house is ... read more

Length: 59.74m
Location: China
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ID: 612222  (Trade)
Posted: 7 days ago

Rig 1 - 1980 / Life enhancement 2008
Design: Bethlehem JU-200. Builder: Bethlehem. Year Built: Delivery 1980/Life enhancement 2008. Class: ABS A-1 Self-Elev. MODU code 1979. Length: 47.854m (157ft) x Breadth: 40.234m (132 ft) x Depth: 18 ft. Legs: 3 x 269 ft. Design Water Depth: 200 ft. Drilling Depth Rating: 20,000 ft. Design Criteria: IMO, SOLAS, & amp; MARPOL Variable Load: 3,386 kips (Included Drilling Load). Static Hook Load: 1,000,000 lbs. Setback: 500,000 lbs. Rotary: 800,000 lbs. Max Cantilever Load: 1,000,000 lbs. Accommodations: 88 berths. Helideck: Rated for: Sikorsky S-61N... read more

Length: 157'
Location: Malaysia
Price: $2,200,000
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ID: 629670  (Trade)
Posted: 19 days ago

Drilling LeTourneau Class 116-C (1980)
243ft x 200ft x 26ft. Total Leg Length: 410ft. Maximum Water: 300ft. GRT/NRT: 6189 / 1856. The rig has an octagonal Helideck of 23 meters. CAP437 compliant, located on the bow of the rig. Capable of handling Sikorsky S-61, S-92 and Euro copter Super Puma. 136 single men cabins. Operating Conditions: Wave: 10 meters, Wind: 50 kts. Storm Condition: Significant wave: 23 meters, Wind: 83 knots, Surface current: 2 knots. Constructed: 1984 Dunkerque France, Completely Refurbished in 2013, the rig proposed a high standard accommodations up to 136 POB.... read more

Length: 75m
Location: UAE
Price: $5,500,000
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ID: 629157  (Trade)
Posted: 24 days ago

300ft Jack-up Drilling Unit
Design: MLT 116-S (converted to 116-CS). Year Built / Last Upgrade: 1978 / 2002. Legs (3): 410ft.square. Quarters capacity: 120 persons. Maximum Water Depth: 300ft. Cantilever Envelope: 45ft by 30ft. Maximum Variable Load (drilling): Approx. 7,300 kips* (*depending on water depth and geographical location).... read more

Length: 75.29m
Location: UAE
Price: $9,000,000
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ID: 629103  (Trade)
Posted: 27 days ago

300ft Jack-up Drilling Unit
Design: Modec 300 C-38. Year Built / Last Upgrade: 1982 /2014. Legs (3): 405ft long triangular legs. Quarters capacity: 150 persons. Maximum Water Depth: 300ft. Cantilever Envelope: 50ft by 30ft. Maximum Variable Load (drilling): Approx. 4,500 kips. Capable to perform extensive offline activities including making up tubular stands off the critical path, offline cementing and offline wireline logging. Capable to jack up/down with full preload.... read more

Length: 67.6m
Location: Malaysia
Price: $7,000,000
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ID: 628926  (Trade)
Posted: 30 days ago

Drilling MLT-116C 300ft (2004)
Upgraded in 2004. Water depths from 29 to 300 ft. Drilling Depth rating; 20,000. Three (3) drilling mud pumps. 3,000 HP drawworks. Top drive, Varco TDS-4. Quarters for 100 personnel.... read more

Length: 91.44m
Location: South Africa
Price: $4,000,000
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ID: 628927  (Trade)
Posted: 30 days ago

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