[TNK224] Oil product tanker DWT 3889 mts
We can secure for sale following vessel: [TNK224] Oil product tanker Tflash>60C Flag – Russia Year and place of built – 1981, Sweden. Renewed, rebuilt in 2010 Length – 86.00 m. Breadth – 12.60 m. Depth – 7.10 m. Draught – 6.293 m. GRT/NRT – 2409/- DWT/DWCC – 3889.0/3468.0 mts. Displacement – 5346.0 mts. Lightweight – 1457.0 mts Crew - 11 Main engine – MAK6M452AK 1x1850 kW Auxiliary engines – Volvo Penta D9A MG HE/KC, 2x265 kW Cargo tanks – 18, ttl vol 4345.0 m3 Double bottom/Double sides – YE... read more

Length: 86m
Location:Saint-Petersburg Russia
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ID: 680294  (Trade)
Posted: 1 day ago

1556DWT Chemical Tanker
This new build tanker in CCS Coastal Classification is available for prompt delivery For a more detailed specification, please feel free to contact us.‚Äč The vessel is Double Hull/ Double Bottom and all tanks/ piping Stainless Steel. Suited for Ethanol or similar product. LOA 69.2m x 11.2m x 3.8m. Powered by 6210ZCL-21 Zibo ain engine 883kW. Priced very well for new build. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed specification and pictures. Inspection available by appointment.... read more

Length: 69.2m
Location: China
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ID: 624876  (Trade)
Posted: 2 days ago

1000T Oil Tanker
1000T Oil Tanker   $750,000
Class: CCS. Laden Water Displacement: 1,314.300 t. Gross Tonnage: 491, Net tonnage: 274. Main Engine: 6190ZLC1-2, 218kW, 1000rpm, Jinan diesel engine. Navigation Area: Coastal waters. Cargo Oil Tank: 10. Double hull, double bottom.... read more

Length: 53.19m
Location: China
Price: $750,000
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ID: 670642  (Trade)
Posted: 3 days ago

-------------------------------------------------------------- ABT 13,147 DWT ON 8.614M Draft BLT 2/2007 Hyundai Mipo Dockyard Co Ltd, KRS Class LR SS/DD: 2022-02-05 14 Tanks ABT 13,376 CBM Epoxy Phenolic Coated / Coiled Heat Exchangers (Max Temp Load/Maintain 90c/70c) IGS IMO 2 3 Double Hull Pumps: 12 x 300 m3/hr + 2 x 100 mr/hr (Centrifugal) 1 x 5 tonnes - Centre ABT 3,991 LDT N2 Gen Fitted. Bow Thruster: 612 Bhp -------------------------------------------------------------------- ABT 16,616 DWT ON 8.81M Draft BLT 9/2009 Zhejiang Friendship Ship... read more

Length: 128m
Location: Turkey
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ID: 648930  (Trade)
Posted: 7 days ago

New Build Product Tanker
New Build Product Tanker built in China awaiting new owners for completion. Built to Chinese Coastal Class 200NM. Vessel is 90% complete and can be delivered within 6 weeks from order.... read more

Length: 53m
Location: China
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ID: 546667  (Trade)
Posted: 13 days ago

Marine Fuel Bunker Barge
Built 1997/2001 Shanghai by Jinjiang, refit Cape Town Flag South African Classification CCS Length Overall 67.13m Beam 19.81m Depth 5.03m GRT/NT 1,731T / 821.4T Displacement 4,592,634T... read more

Length: 67.13m
Location: South Africa
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ID: 659475  (Trade)
Posted: 14 days ago

NEW BUILD - 1,556 tons Chemical Tanker
Newbuilding 1556 dwt Chemical Tanker (IMO LI). Double Hull and Double Bottom. Material of All the Tanks and Piping is Stainless Steel. Designed to Carry Ethanol or Similar Cargo. Class: CCS. Coastal Service. 304L 022cr19ni10 S/S Cargo Tanks. GT/NT: 1135t/645t. Speed: 10.9 knots. M/E: 6210zlc-21 1 1 Set Zibo, China 883 Kw /1000r/Min. Loading Cargo: 1406.9t. Capacity of Tanks: 1400.56cub. Endurance: 2000n Mile.... read more

Length: 69.20m
Location: China
Price: $1,900,000
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ID: 669120  (Trade)
Posted: 17 days ago

TYPE: GAS TANKER DOUBLE BOTTOM / DOUBLE SIDES DWT 4743 MTS ON 6.16M DRFT BLT 2/2020 AT MURAKAMI HIDE, JAPAN NK SS DUE 25/2/2025 DD DUE 25/2/2023 GRT 4241, NRT 1377 LOA 99.98M, BEAM 17.5M, DEPTH 7.8M PUMPS 2X0 M/E MAN-B&W 5L35MC, BHP 3739 TOTAL SPEED 12.9KNOTS ON 10.8TS GENS: 2 IGS, SBT BUILT FOR CURRENT OWNERS --------------------------------------- GAS LPG ABT 4.991 MTDW ON 6,05M DRAFT, GRT 4253/NRT 1374 BLT 5/2006 SASAKI SHBLDG - OSAKIKAMIJIMA, (JPN) LOA 99,98M LBP 93,50M X BEAM 17,20M X 7,80M DEPTH, CLASS BV SS DUE 30/11/2021 5.018 CBM, 1X MAN-B+W, 6L35MC, 5.320 BHP 210 RPM, 13,80K/... read more

Length: 243m
Location: Turkey
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ID: 638150  (Trade)
Posted: 17 days ago


Length: 40.00m
Location: Greece
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ID: 446526  (Trade)
Posted: 19 days ago

Oil / Chemical Tanker
Type: Oil/ Chemical Tanker Year of Construction: 1981 Builder: Meltem Beykoz Tersanesi(Turkey) Classification: IRS (InternationalRegister of Shipping) Dimensions Length Overall : 79.14 m Breadth Overall: 13.32 m Draft: 4.75 m Gross Tonnage: 1755T Net Tonage: 527T Dead Weight: 2639... read more

Length: 79.14m
Location: Kenya
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ID: 678597  (Trade)
Posted: 21 days ago

Small double hull tanker "TINA S" for coastal/sea trade 270 Mtons DWT at max 2,36m draft Built 1962 Germany at Luhring Schiffswerft, Brake Converted 2004 to double hull tanker GRT 200 / NRT 73 loa 37,60m, lbp 33,99m, beam 7,42m 6 tanks ± 270 cbm total capacity main engine DEUTZ RA6M528 - 230 bhp direct reversible propulsion propeller FP max speed 9,5 knts, ECO speed 7,5 knts on 28 litres Gasoil/hour 24 hr consumption abt 675 litres GO tankdeck 6 manholes to tanks, 1 manifold to bunker/discharge hose 1 derrick for hosehandling and MOB boat 1 main generator PERKI... read more

Length: 37.60m
Location:Meppel The Netherlands Drenthe Netherlands
Price: €165,000 Tax Exempt
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ID: 678169  (Trade)
Posted: 25 days ago

53.20m Coastal Tanker
53.20m Coastal Tanker    $1,300,000
Flag: Indonesia. Classification: BKI. Main Engine: 2 x 600hp Mitsubishi S6A3-MPTK. Generator: 2 units Mitsubishi 6D-16 IA 160hp. Fire Pump: 1 unit Mitsubishi 6D-16 IA 160hp. Cargo Pump: 1 unit YUEMA Type KCB 7600. Speed: 8-9 knots/hour.... read more

Length: 53.20m
Location: Indonesia
Price: $1,300,000
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ID: 668780  (Trade)
Posted: 27 days ago

11,000 DWT Shallow Draft Tanker
This vessel is now completed and ready for delivery within 30 days signing. The vessel is classed American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) +A1, Oil Carrier/Chemical Carrier, (E) +AMS, +ACCU, ESP, RRDA, VEC-L, CPS, TCM, PMA, UWILD, IHM, ENVIRO, CRC, POT, MLC-ACCOM, PMP, BWT. The vessel is a single-screw driven by one (1) set of low speed marine diesel engine for ocean going service with machinery and accommodation located aft, having forecastle and four (4) tiers of deck house. Six (6) pairs of double side skin cargo tanks and one (1) pair of slop tanks are arranged. Longitudinal center bulkhead ... read more

Length: 139.98m
Location: China
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ID: 654332  (Trade)
Posted: 29 days ago

Bilge boat with new vacuum unit
Bilge boat – in 2018 extensively rebuilt for purpose of suction of Petcokes / grain residu from hold washing Built 1958 Hamburg Germany, lengthened 2013 Holland, rebuilt into bilge / vacuum unit 2018 Dims 35,x 4 x 6.14 x 2.28 m Empty draft 0,758 m Intake 214 ts on max 1.98 m 2 x cargotanks for gas oil, 2 lub oil tanks 2 x potable water tank. The discharge pump for gasoil is located in an pumproom on the dek, the lub oil pump is place in the fore ship, the potable water pump in the aft engine room. m/e Deutz blt 1985 , 320 bhp – coupling reintjes blt 1985 2 gene... read more

Length: 35m
Location:Zuid-Holland Netherlands
Price: €250,000
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ID: 654327  (Trade)
Posted: 29 days ago

183mt 51K DWT,TANKER BLT 2008- STX for sale
ABT 51246 DWT ON 13,13M DRAFT BUILT: JAN/2008 STX Shipbuilding Co. Ltd CLASS: ABS DD/SS 23/1/2023 GREEK FLAG LOA: 183.00 M BEAM: 32.20 M TANKS: 12 PURE EPOXY PUMPS: 12 PUMS 600 M3/HR, 2 PUMS 300 M3/HR SBT / COW / IGS IMO II/III CARGO CAPACITY: 52105 CBM AT 98% CAPACITY EXCLUDING SLOPS SLOP CAPACITY: 1293 CBM AT 98% CAPACITY MAN B& W 6S50MC-C BHP: 12889/127RPM Generators: 3 No BWTS (due on next scheduled DD Jan 2023) Itinerary: She is bound to Australia (Intention Kwinana), ETA 28/3/2021 +++++++++++++++++ MALTA FLAG ABT 51246 DWT ON 13,13M DRAFT BUILT: APR/2... read more

Length: 183m
Location:Mugla Turkey
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ID: 659589  (Trade)
Posted: 1 month ago

Commercial Barge for work or conversion
Premier Houseboats are pleased to present Paulina, a commercial barge that until recently worked as a fuel delivery barge, that could be put back to commercial use or converted to create a cruising houseboat. Paulina is a good size to navigate, and as she only came out of service towards the end of 2019 could easily be put back to work. She is structurally sound, and in very good mechanical condition, the DAF diesel engine providing plenty of power for inland or tidal/ estuary use. Alternatively she could be converted to create a cruising houseboat, with space for a good sized saloon,... read more

Length: 57' 4"
Location:Hoo Kent UK
Price: £35,000
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ID: 628714  (Trade)
Posted: 1 month ago

[TNK234] Oil product tanker DWT 4406 mts
[TNK234] Oil product tanker Tflash>60C DWT 4406 mts Flag – Russia Year and place of built – 1969, Sweden. Rebuilt in 1998 Length – 100.80 m. Breadth – 12.80 m. Depth – 8.5 m. Draught – 7.141 m. GRT/NRT – 2653/- DWT/DWCC – 4406/4337 mts. Displacement – 6355.0 mts. Lightweight – 1675.0 mts Crew - 11 Main engine – 6ZL40/48 1x3113 kW Auxiliary engines – Volvo Penta, 4x175 kW Cargo tanks – 12, ttl vol 4490 m3 Double bottom/Double sides – YES/YES Cargo heating system – YES Class – *M-SP 3,... read more

Length: 100.80m
Location:Baltic Sea, Saint-Petersburg area Russia
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ID: 683434  (Trade)
Posted: 1 month ago

51K DWT ,DPP trading deepwell MR tanker
ABT 51,182DWT ON 13.17 M BLT 11/2006 BY STX SHIPBUILDING CO LTD - CHANGWON (JINHAE SHIPYARD) AB CLASS - SS/DD due 11/2021 LOA 183.00M / BEAM 32.20M GRT 30,127 MT / NRT 13,648 MT LIQUID CUBIC 52,123 CBM + 1,410 CBM (98%) CARGO TANKS: 12 + 2 SLOPS – EPOXY COATED CARGO PUMPS: FRAMO 12 X 600M3/HR + 2 X 300M3/HR 7 GRADES MAN-B& W, 6S50MC-C, 12,889 BHP @ 127 RPM GENS 3 X 900KW A.C. LDT 10,237 ALL DETS WOG Trading: DPP MORE DETAILS UPON NAMED SERIOUS BUYERS... read more

Length: 183m
Location: Turkey
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ID: 666872  (Trade)
Posted: 1 month ago

CHEMICAL TANKERS  (two sisters)10,714 dwt, blt 2006
TWO SISTERS CHEMICAL TANKERS FOR SALE either separately or en bloc PANAMA Flag Abt 10,714 Mtdw on 8.31M Draft, GRT 7064/NRT 3430 Built 2006 Nok-Bong South Korea, CLASS KOREAN REGISTER / KR. Bulbous Bow, //SBT/ Loa 121.41m Lbp 113.00m x Beam 19.20m x 10.80m Depth, IMO II/III, Pumps: FRAMO DEEPWELL 10 x 300Twph,centrifugal hydraulic for cargo tanks FRAMO DEEPWELL 2 x 150Twph,centrifugal hydraulic for slop tanks FRAMO 2 x 300Twph,ballast centrifugal Boiler : Alfa Laval Aalborg , Idle/anchor : 1 tons/day Grades:12 Tanks:10, plus 2 slops, Liq Cbm:11,356 Coating :... read more

Length: 121.41m
Location: Turkey
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ID: 619617  (Trade)
Posted: 1 month ago

VARIOUS OIL CHEMICAL TANKERS FOR SALE --------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------- 162mt blt 2008 double hull oil chemical tanker Oil/chemical tanker 19,999 dtw on 9,70 m draft Built 2008, admarin shipyard turkey Loa 162.90 / lbp 151.30 x breadth 22.40 x depth 12.80 m Class abs imo 2& 3, ice class 1c ss due 10/2023 dd due 12/2021 Grt / nt 12,619 / 6,766 t 22 tanks (incl 2 slops) Tank cap 23,516 cbm(100%) Marineline coated Pumps 16x375 / 2x150 / 2x100 / 1x70 / 1x60cbm/h... read more

Length: 162m
Location: Turkey
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ID: 618944  (Trade)
Posted: 1 month ago

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