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2014 Menai 550 SR

The 550SR was originally based on a modified -vee mono hull design but has been refined over the years to minimise wetted area at speed. The sponsons are set at an angle to prevent drag and spray over all creating a smooth and soft ride. At slow speeds the craft settles onto the sponsons which afford a high degree of stability. They are designed for beach/surf launching and are built to be strong, to shed water easily and to be agile.

The 550 is the ideal family sized boat and has many applications, commercially and domestically, they are safe and can handle seas that you would not dream of testing in a ski boat.

Ribs make a versatile platform as safety/rescue boats for diving, transport, fishing, water skiing or just exploring.


Length over all:5.47m
Beam over all:2.2m
Inboard length:4.02m
Inboard beam:1.8m
Hull dead weight:320 kg
Max recommended power:115 hp
Number of persons:7 adults
Max load:565 kg
CE Category:C
ID: 5246

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